Q Why should I send my child to your Cheder?
A At our Cheder, your son is getting all the Kodesh and General studies that he would receive at any other school. In addiction our curriculum contains much more. We have instruction in piano, self-defiance, craftsmanship, baking, cooking, and agriculture. We also have fun actives such as swimming, skating, farm visits, day trips, overnights, and Shabbatonim throught the year. On our facility there are friendly (caged) pets and a library, music, and toy room.

  1. Will your Cheder suit boys who function well in a ‘regular’ school environment?
A. Certainly.
Our motto: “Chanoch La’Naar Al Pi Darko Gam Ki Yazkin Lo Yasur MeMenna” Educate the child according to his way for even when he aged he will not stir away from it. Darko – self-confident, happiness, and physical and mental health. Lo Yasur – prevents from our children to look somewhere else. A child who feels fulfilled does not leave. Hence we choose in our Chedder to cater the curriculum to the needs of our students by proving programs that are diversified and stimulating.

Q Are there any conditions for acceptants?
A Yes, all students must be able to read Lashon HaKodesh (letters and symbols), read numbers one to ten in English and recognize the ABC. Upon receiving a complete application, we will schedule an interview which is required for incoming students.

  1. What is the benefit of sending my boys to this particular Cheder if they are doing well in the traditional Cheder?
A. We provide an educational environment that will complement the students’ individual demeanor and nature. It is crucial for us as parents to provide the right environment for our children’s nature and personality.
We encourage you to look over our curriculum and benefits of our Cheder, to consider if our Cheder would better suit your son.

KEEP IN MIND: As parents we all start off choosing our children’s educational institute according to our own discretions while weighting elements such as: community, religious, financial, travel and many more factors. We are likely to make the choice from the assumption that whatever is good for us will naturally be good for our children. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. However, when it does not work, as parents we are quick to realize that we must consider other options. This time around we choose what truly caters to our child’s needs. This is when we understand the most important factors: when children love their school setting and the staff, they naturally love to learn. They become self-confidant, energetic, self-motivated, happy, and they bloom. When the children are joyful, the entire house is fortunate and so are we, the parents.

You are all invited to visit, to observe and to familiarize yourself with our Cheder!

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