Cheder Menahem Plus
Cheder Menachem Plus offers small class which focuses on more individualized learning depending on the needs. In our current system we tend to have children falling between the cracks and this program may offer a more holistic child centred way of learning. (the Kalvari Family)
Cheder Menachem Plus offers very warm and supportive learning environment, there are many activities that support healthy emotional development of a child. Small classes provide nourishing environment, where each child is given personal attention, while at the same time providing structure and discipline of a bigger school. Small classes really give opportunity to each child to grow academically according to his ability. Cheder Menachem Plus was a great experience for my son. He loved caring for the animals, music and cooking lessons. I could see that he was getting exactly what he needed. I could see him growing in Torah study and academically. In general I find that Cheder Menachem Plus has a very balanced program academically, emotionally and socially. The teachers are very warm, caring, and professional. I’m very thankful for the principal for organizing such a beautiful school. (Liansky family)