The student will feel loved and valued; boundary settings are done in a loving and respectful manner.
The students will enjoy their daily curriculum and will participate enthusiastically.
The students will apply their Emunah, Yirat Shamaim, Bitachon BeHashem, and Divine Providence.
The students will be informed of the daily and weekly schedule and precise curriculum expectation.
The students will know what is required of them academically and behaviorally, all the rules will be taught.
The students will practice compliance to instructions (verbal and written) and boundary limitations.
The students will be taught practical tools to Self-sooth and focus. Strategies such as, relaxation techniques, meditation, and guided imagery will be used.
The students will be occupied, in a positive variety of work and studies hence not leaving time for boredom (the roots of all sins) “Ktzat Or MeGaresh Harba MeHachoshech Be’Offen Shel Mimala” (small ray of light chaises a way lots of the darkness in a manner that fills is up).

Core Mission

Cheder Menahem Plus