Mrs. Hofit Kotliarov

Mrs. Kotliarov lived in Israel where she attended Bait Rivkah High School and graduated with excellents in all of her Bagruyut. While in highschool she earned a Accounting Diploma (she has a bookkeeper level 2 qualification). She continued her academic learning in Bait Rivkah Michlala (Seminary), where she graduated with a teaching certificate and a B.A. in teaching Tanach and Toshbaa for high school students. As well as receiving honors and recommendations. She is certified from MISRAD HACHINUCH.
Mrs. Kotliarov has always excelled in studies and demonstrated strong leadership abilities.
After finishing her studies she married, immigrated to Canada, and became a mother. B"H
She has worked as a high school teacher for Hebrew subjects for approximately 9 years. For the past four years has been running home schooling for elementary school boys.
Mrs. Kotliarov is also well known in the community for organizing and hosting a weekly shiur for Israeli ladies for the past 11 years - general topic being "HABAYIT HAYEHUDI". She has a welcoming and pleasant personality which always shines and makes everyone, children and adults feel appreciated and loved.
Mrs. Kotliarov cares for every Jewish boy as her own, your son/s will be in good hands.

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