Irina Ivanova

Mrs. Ivanova grew up in a musical home, both her and her older brother grew up playing the piano. Her older brother a professional piano (and other musical instruments) teacher, would set with her at a young age on the piano.
Graduated from a musical high school. She continued practicing and studying piano at home with her brother. At the same time was tutoring her niece in playing piano.
She continued her education in medicine. Graduating medical university as a medicine Doctor (PHD).
Married and had a daughter, for many years tutored her daughter and her friends from musical school.
Worked for a few years in a hospital (in Russia) as a radiologist and oncologist in oncology department. She continued her education and specialized in radiology, oncology and roentgenology.
Immigrated to Canada, and has been teaching piano in a variety of levels to students ever since.
Her specialty is with beginners, and in a short time her students are playing and reading notes on a higher level.
Irina loves to play and teach piano. She loves to work with children, and has lot of patience. Irina knows how to make playing fun, and she is loved by her students.
We are fortunate to have her joining out cheder.

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