General Studies Teachers

Cheder Menahem Plus
Rabbi Cagen Avrumy.

Rabbi Cagen has been teaching for several years. Originally from Houston, he graduated from Rabbinical College of America and spent a year mentoring students at Yeshiva Schools of Minesota. He has run many programs, including Hebrew school, high holidays, sport programs, and heads a shul youth group. Rabbi Cagen lives in Thornihill with his wife and two children.
Rabbi Schnarch is a professional educator, tutor, and school administrator. He currently teaches in the Toronto Hebrew School system at both the Cheder and Yeshiva levels. He is the co-founder and managing partner of Gateway Academic Coaching & Tutoring, an organization dedicated to helping children maximize their potential by focusing on skills development, while at the same time building strong work ethics, study habits and organizational abilities. While on the Board of the Aish HaTorah Thornhill Community Shul, Rabbi Schnarch served as Director of Education.
Originally from Montreal, Rabbi Schnarch and his family, including “Goldie the Fish”, live in Thornhill.