All Jewish boys from grade 1 until grade 7, since everyone can benefit from an enriched and enjoyable program.
Parents who believe that their children deserve a lot more, more happiness, more joy, more attention, and more ‘space’ to develop the talents that Hashem bestowed upon them.
Students that enjoy a hands-on environment
Students that are not sufficiently challenged in the ‘regular’ classroom setting
Students that bloom in motivational settings which encourage participation
Students that can improve from clear and precise expectations and rules
Students that display a ‘challenging’ type of behavior
Students that need an adventures learning style that support their individual uniqueness
Students that are easily bored and who seem to lack motivation
Students that need the extra incentive and encouragement
Parents who advocate that studying should be done in the school settings. At our Cheder the student does his homework, his music lessons, get ready for Bar-Mitzvah, and learns other skills in the school itself. Therefore, when he arrives home he will have the mental capacity for positive interaction with his parents and family.
Our special Cheder program provides high stimulation and motivation (pleasurable and fun). It channels participation and the proper conduct of students; furthermore our program minimizes the academic and behavioral struggles to come from lack of interest or desire.
The demands and rules are precise and clear; the student is familiar with the daily routine and the boundary settings are done in a loving, respectful manner.

Who Can Benefit From Our Program

Cheder Menahem Plus