To provide the students' with the expertise of fundamental-learning techniques that will enable them to become independent students'. This entails:
~ Proficiency in books of Jewish studies so that they can learn on their own the provided material.
~ The capacity to search for information that meet their own interest and curiosity.
~ To practice and sharpen students' present learning skills.
~ To academically challenge each student – the student will start off by learning at the level that he is at and when he becomes proficient he will continue further.
A student who is not yet proficient with the material that is being taught, will not continue any further, but rather will continue with the current material until he is ready to proceed.
To teach the proper Torah reading by Ta’amei HaMikrah (cantillation) and to prepare them to Kabbalat Ol HaMitzvot for their Bar-Mitzvah.


Cheder Menahem Plus