Kodesh Teachers

Cheder Menahem Plus
Rabbi Eliyahu Khabinsky has spent the past four years in Toronto in various aspects of chinuch. As a rebbe in the classroom, remedial teacher with smaller groups, and a tutor working with boys one-on-one, along with training courses in New York and Toronto, he has developed experience and confidence in teaching Gemara, Mishnayos, Chumash with Rashi, Navi, and Halacha at various levels. He also leads a weekly Likras Shabbos program at his shull, Kollel Ohalei Yom Tov. He is trilingual in English Russian and Hebrew and lives with his wife and children in the Bathurst and Lawrence area.
Rabbi Pini Sack was born & educated in London. After completing his degree in furniture design at the London School of Furniture, Rabbi Sack spent the next 10 years studying in Gateshead & Israel.
In 2001 Rabbi Sack was a senior lecturer for the Lauder Foundation in Berlin. From 2004-8 Rabbi Sack directed a highly successful education programme in London for young professionals called "Central & City". Rabbi Pini gave shiurim at a host of venues, including a weekly shiur at Goldman Sachs.
Rabbi Sack has a lot of teaching experience and very much enjoys enabling each talmid to fulfil their own potential.